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Charlotte Hornets looking to close out series against Miami Heat in Game 6

Charlotte could win its first playoff series in 15 years if it defeats Miami tonight.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It seems the Miami Heat have bounced back to earth. Miami's incredible shooting was a trend that we all knew wouldn't last. Charlotte has shifted the game plan and it has payed off with three wins.

Shifting Frank Kaminsky to the starting line up was a brilliant move by Steve Clifford. A Marvin Williams, Frank Kaminsky, Al Jefferson frontline gives the Hornets' a size advantage over the small-ball Heat. By going big and locking down the paint Charlotte is encouraging the Heat to shoot. Miami shot just 27.8% from behind the arc. The Heat can shift their offense towards the basket with attackers in Dwyane Wade and Goran Dragic, and still play four out with shooters if they want to.

Charlotte's balanced scoring is certainly an advantage heading into Game 6. In Game 5, seven Hornets players scored at least eight points. Coach Clifford knows that he can't expect one player to do it all. A balanced attack means Jeremy Lin and Nicolas Batum can come off the bench and limit the play of Josh Richardson and Justise Winslow like they did in Game 5. Richardson and Winslow along with the rest of the Heat are still torching Charlotte on the boards. Charlotte is still losing the battle of the boards, and Hassan Whiteside is having no trouble with beating Al Jefferson and Frank Kaminsky to the boards. Charlotte does have a secret weapon in Courtney Lee who has stepped in as Charlotte's clutch player.

Miami is certainly going to put up a fight in Game 6. Dwyane Wade could play the game of his life knowing his team is on the brink of elimination. Miami needs better late game execution and stellar pick and roll defense if they want to best Charlotte and take it to seven. It's a good thing Charlotte was monstrous at home during the regular season.

I have faith in Charlotte to beat Miami and advance to the second round, and what a moment it will be if they do. #HornetsInSix