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HTL brought to you by ESPN 730: Kemba Walker's campaign heats up the Charlotte Hornets

Another masterful performance in Madison Square Garden keeps the Hornets hopes at home court alive for now

Despite nearly turning over half the team and adding two new starters to the rotation, no one has been more important to the success of the Charlotte Hornets this year than Kemba Walker. He's the focus of another clever campaign by the Charlotte Hornets who are lobbying hard for 'Candidate Kemba' to be elected Most Improved Player of the Year. Dustin Phifer squares off with Justin Thomas of ESPN730 in a debate over whether or not Walker deserves this year's award.


  • We recap an important win in New York and what it means for the team's chances at home court advantage in the playoffs
  • Another round of the most fiery tweets from our favorite Charlotte Hornets beat writer
  • We preview Friday night's home game against the Brooklyn Nets