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Patrick Ewing to interview for Sacramento Kings head coaching job

Patrick Ewing will interview for the Sacramento Kings head coaching vacancy per Yahoo! Sports.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Charlotte Hornets assistant coach, Patrick Ewing, will interview with the Sacramento Kings for their head coaching vacancy according Adrian Wojnarowski, of The Vertical.

The Sacramento Kings are currently in the middle of yet another head coaching search, but this is interestingly enough the first in quite awhile where the General Manager is in place before the hiring of the head coach. Since firing Rick Adelman in 2006, the Kings have gone through eight head coaches. They've started the season with a different head coach every year since 2012. Let's just say they really need to get this one right, and are doing their due diligence as a result. This, is the perfect opportunity for Ewing to get an interview.

For Ewing, he hasn't had too many chances at being a head coach yet despite a historic career as a player, and many years sitting on the bench next to some great coaches. Ewing's two more notable assistant jobs have been with the Orlando Magic on Stan Van Gundy's staff, and now with the Hornets and Steve Clifford. Both coaches have been very successful with great defenses. Van Gundy even was one of the coaches that began the four out one in era, with a heavy dose of 3-point shooting and pick and roll, that are so common among teams today. He played for the great Pat Riley, and then spent some years with Jeff Van Gundy as well. His time with great head coaches is well spent.

Yet, despite his credentials, Ewing is often overlooked during head coaching searches. One of these reasons may be that he's a big man. To say there's a bias towards guards for head coaching positions would be an understatement. There's always an assumption that a great point guard would be a great coach following his playing career. Yet, bigs never seem to get the same kind of discussion, and there's always a level of surprise when they do become coaches.

If there is reason to be concerned about Ewing as a coach however it's definitely the lack of interest in him during coaching searches. When there's a great assistant out there than many people believe will be a head coach some day the same names will usually come up. Before Brian Shaw became head coach of the Denver Nuggets, and was just an assistant, he was a popular name that would frequently pop up as a potential good hire. Ewing has never had that kind of discussion surrounding him.

Could Ewing be a good coach? Maybe. He certainly has the credentials to be given a shot some day, but it's definitely concerning that teams have rarely shown interest in him. Either way, it's nice to see him getting an interview with the Kings, and if he does get hired Steve Clifford and his staff will certainly wish him the best.