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Looking back at Steve Clifford disrupting out-of-bounds plays

There are numerous things which point to the great job coach Steve Clifford and his coaching staff have done with the Charlotte Hornets. One of them, albeit just a small and fun nugget, is the way coach Clifford is ready to navigate his players through opponent out-of-bounds plays.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Steve Clifford, by his own admission, is a film room junkie. Take for example just his recent comments for the media, whether it's the famous rant after Game 2 of the Charlotte Hornets - Miami Heat series or his observations on flopping.

The film work he puts in can in part be recognized and heard thanks to the sensitivity of Fox Sports mics at the Time Warner Cable Arena. And I'm not talking about the frequent "DIG"s and "PULL OVER"s Hornets fans can hear whenever Clifford has strolled over to the scorers' table and is guiding his defense through a possession.

In this case, it's the audible instructions Charlotte's head coach gives to his players when navigating them through opponent out-of-bounds plays:

The two points prevented or given up on such a play isn't necessarily the most important measure here. The fact that Steve Clifford can spot a play just in a couple of seconds and then assist his players with valuable information to prevent it is the important factor.

Such ability on Clifford's part speaks to the level of readiness with which the Charlotte Hornets enter any given game thanks to the coaching staff's efforts.

Obviously, this is just a minuscule part of the game, one which is made fun and available by Hornets local broadcasts picking up these commands. However, it also is a piece of the large puzzle which has rewarded Steve Clifford with a fourth place in the NBA's Coach of the Year Award.