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Exit interviews help show how special this Hornets team was

Players talked of camaraderie and wanting to come back, showing off the positive culture Steve Clifford and Rich Cho helped build this season.

Charlotte Hornets

With the 2015-2016 season officially over, the Charlotte Hornets held exit interviews Monday as player showed up to clean out their lockers. The media, of course, had many questions for the players, who all seemed to respond with a similar theme.

Over and over again, players brought up how much fun they had this season, how much they cared for one another and how much they enjoying playing for one another. It may have just been cliché, but players whose future with the team is less than certain made a point to let it be known they want to be back next season.

This speaks to the culture that Steve Clifford and Rich Cho have helped build in Charlotte. It was not long ago the franchise was considered a laughing stock and the butt of most NBA jokes.

Hopefully, fans were able to enjoy the 2015-2016 Charlotte Hornets and what they brought to the table. We may never see a team this closely-knit for a long time.