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Stephen Silas to interview for Houston Rockets head coaching job

Charlotte Hornets assistant Stephen Silas will be interviewing for the Houston Rockets head coaching job.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Charlotte Hornets assistant coach, Stephen Silas, will be interviewing with the Houston Rockets for the currently open head coaching position according to Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer.

Silas has spent his entire career as a scout or assistant for benches across the NBA. He started off with the Charlotte Hornets as a scout in 2000, and then moved with the team to New Orleans when they relocated. Silas got a heavy amount of experience as an assistant for the Golden State Warriors from 2006-2010, before returning to Charlotte as an assistant in 2010. He has sporadically coached a handful of NBA games as a head coach, but has never officially held a head coaching or interim head coaching position. Whenever he did coach an NBA game as the head coach it was merely as a fill in.

Stephen Silas resume as a coach isn't particularly full of accolades, but he is the son of former Charlotte head coach Paul Silas, and has spent 16 years on the benches of multiple NBA teams. He's been around the league his whole life and likely knows his stuff.

Silas getting an interview is now the second assistant coach on Steve Clifford's staff a team has looked at this offseason, with Patrick Ewing being the other. Clifford's reputation as a great coach has spread across the league, and it looks like he's starting to plant the seeds of a nice little coaching tree. One could even go further and say that these are merely branches of the Van Gundy family coaching tree that Clifford and Ewing spent many of their years with. Whether any of these guys will be hired remains to be seen, but the interest shown in them proves that teams across the NBA are paying attention to the foundation that Clifford has put down in Charlotte.