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Courtney Lee receiving interest from New York Knicks and Courtney Lee

Courtney Lee is receiving interest from two teams and could very well be out of Charlotte.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets made a mid-season trade this year in order to acquire Courtney Lee from the Memphis Grizzlies. They needed a more consistent wing that could shoot the three ball and play defense without taking away shots from other options in the offense like Nicolas Batum and Kemba Walker. It turned out Lee was a perfect fit for Charlotte as he provided a steady presence on the wing defensively. Offensively, Lee was hit and miss, but he did what was asked of him and had some flashes of really great play. Other teams have taken notice of Lee's impact, and are going after him now that free agency has opened up.

The teams in question, the New York Knicks and Sacramento Kings are very legitimate threats to sign Lee and take him away from Charlotte. When it comes to the Hornets, many of their players from last year's playoff run are entering free agency and are going to get paid on big contracts. As a result, Charlotte will have to decide who is worth bringing back, and if their cost will be worth it. Lee is most likely going to be somewhere in the 10-15 million per year range with his contract due to the cap jump. It's possible that the Hornets, after they finish trying to re-sign everybody else, decide that they just can't fit Lee into the equation.

Meanwhile, the Kings and Knicks are both in dire need of help to get better as soon as possible. Both have been linked to wing players early on, and Lee would be a great get for both of them. They may be willing to pay a little more than Charlotte is willing to give. That said, free agency has only just begun and anything can happen.