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Jeremy Lin contract projected to be in $12-14 million range

Jeremy Lin hasn't been seriously linked anywhere yet, but there's an idea of what he'll be making.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Lin is going to be a sought after point guard this free agency period. He had a bounce back season last year with the Charlotte Hornets that many compared to his time with Linsanity back in New York. It couldn't have gone any better for Lin. He thrived in his single year for Charlotte, on a short term deal, right before a free agency period where the contracts are expected to reach absurd amounts. While Lin has yet to be seriously linked anywhere, The Vertical gave some idea as to what it might cost to sign Lin.

That 12-14 million projection is expected to be a yearly basis, and there's no way Lin shouldn't be looking for a three to four year contract. Long term security with that kinda money is the pay day a lot of guys are gonna be looking for in this market.

Lin earned the money he's going to be making. He took a bet on himself in a short term deal, and now he gets to reap the benefits of it. What's more curious is where he decides to go and if the Hornets are going to re-sign him. Considering Courtney Lee might be on his way out, and how important Lin was during last year's playoffs, it's very likely Charlotte is willing to pay out a little extra money to keep Lin around even if it's in a sixth man role.

Lin said previously that he was willing to take a bit of a discount to stay in Charlotte and how much he enjoyed playing in Charlotte. However, business is business and he'll be looking to get his deserved pay day. Both sides definitely want to stay together, but how the money shapes out is the big question.