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Hive Talk Live joins the Locked On Podcast Network for Season 4

Same Hornets talk for the hardcore fan, slightly different delivery system.

First things first. Our apologies for being absent from the Hornets free agency frenzy. We've been relying on the great coverage here at At The Hive while we prepare our podcast for an exciting season 4.

This season we're teaming up with the Locked On Podcast Network and to bring you the most in-depth and intelligent Hornets talk in Charlotte. Our home base will still remain right here in the comfortable confines of At The Hive but we're going to be adding analysis from other amazing Locked On podcast hosts such as Sean Highkin, Danny Leroux, Jared Dubin and David Locke. This is a huge move for our little podcast.

What does all of this mean for how you listen? Not much!

If you subscribe to the podcast you'll see a slight name and logo change but everything else will be the same. If you like to listen to us live on Tuesdays and Thursdays (of course you do), we will be doing this year's live broadcasts on our Youtube channel beginning in October. We can take your feedback live and you'll be able to see our nice studio and David's exquisite hair.

Our Tuesdays and Thursday show posts and our daily Hive O'Clock Alarm posts will still be posted right here on At The Hive.

Lastly, I speak for David, Justin, Nick and Producer Caitie when I say that none of this would be possible without the support of our listeners. Keep listening and tell your friends about the best Hornets talk for the best fans.