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Charlotte Hornets re-sign Marvin Williams, 4-years $54.5 million

The Charlotte Hornets have re-signed their favorite stretch four to a huge deal.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Marvin Williams is officially back with the Charlotte Hornets. After rumors all day that the Minnesota Timberwolves or Brooklyn Nets could be in the mix for the stretch four it looks like he'll be back in Charlotte on a pretty big deal.

Williams may have been rumored to be involved with other teams, but there was never a feeling that he would actually leave the Hornets. Anybody that watched them last year knew how well he played and how important he could be at times. If the ball found Williams open in the corner he was going to hit the shot. Add on top his ability to defend on the perimeter with great help defense in interior and it makes sense why the Hornets wanted him back as bad as they did.

Williams will likely play the same role with Charlotte he always has. A stretch four in the starting lineup that can play minimal minutes at the three spot if necessary. On offense the majority of his attack will come from 3-point range with his real value being what he does on defense. Williams is long and can switch on to guys in pick and roll situations. He's also great in help which is where Charlotte relied on him the most. However, if there's one weakness to Williams it's that offensively he's very system based. His first year in Charlotte was very underwhelming due to the fact that the Hornets had no spacing for him to work. However, his second year was incredible thanks to the much improved Hornets offense that featured much better spacing.

This is a great get for the Hornets. While Williams will be making somewhere in the 13.5 million range fans have to remember that cap jump has raised everybody's value, and starter level players like Williams are now making money in the 12-14 million range. They got Williams around market value and because of that it's not even an underpay. It could even become a bargain deal in the future as the cap continues to rise.