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Hive Talk Live: Will the Hornets' bet on continuity pay off?

The Hornets doubled down on the past season of success from Nicolas Batum and Marvin Williams. Are there hidden concerns as we look ahead to 2016-17?

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David and I are joined by Nata Edwards who is moving to Bristol, Connecticut to work for some sports company (we're happy for him I GUESS). We talk about the Hornets two highest profile moves of the offseason, re-signing Nicolas Batum and Marvin Williams. Why did the Hornets lock these two in long term?


  • Frank Kaminsky is still asking important questions on twitter
  • Our favorite stories of the offseason including the Pistons powering up, the Magic failing at the internet and Steph having a perfect out to leave the Warriors and join the Hornets in 2017
  • A very special goodbye and good luck to Nata Edwards

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