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Hive Talk Live: Can the Hornets replace Jeremy Lin, Courtney Lee and Big Al Jefferson?

Free agency claimed a big chunk of the Hornets offensive punch and bench strength.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

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The Hornets front office was open about wanting to keep as many of their free agents as they could. Unfortunately they fell victim to their own cap limitations and their own success. Jeremy Lin, Courtney Lee and Al Jefferson all experienced better play under head coach Steve Clifford's system, play that would lead them to starting roles and bigger paydays from other teams. We relive their contributions to the team and explore how each of these losses will impact the team next season.


  • Nick Denning joins us for another edition of What's Happen'n....Around the NBA.
  • If you could hold a basketball game anywhere on the planet, where would you hold it?
  • What in the world is a trade exception and why did the Hornets trade Troy Daniels for one?

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