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Orlando Summer League Day 2: Charlotte Hornets 80 Indiana Pacers 70

In Day 2 of Orlando Summer League the Charlotte Hornets took on the Indiana Pacers.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Orlando Summer League Day 2 tipped off with the Charlotte Hornets and Indiana Pacers as the first game of the day. Yesterday the Hornets struggled to get anything going for most of the game, and a late comeback came up just short. Aaron Harrison, the only player on the roster with NBA experience had a miserable game and would be looking for a bounce back while players that did make themselves known such as DeShaun Thomas and Gabe York were looking to continue that level of play.

The Hornets came out like a different team in the first quarter. It's strange to say that a Summer League group needed to come out with more energy, but that's what the Hornets needed. From the opening tip off the bench was screaming at the players on the floor to keep them focused on defense. Offensively Harrison was screaming at players to keep the ball moving and stick to the plays they called. The result was a better, more organized, Hornets squad which is an accomplishment in of itself in a place like Summer League.

That theme continued in the second with more experienced players such as Harrison more focused on playing to something resembling a system rather than trying to get his. Of course, after shooting 1-for-8 in the first half maybe getting his points wasn't on his mind. He looked very frustrated at times perhaps he got a little comfortable playing with NBA talent and the drop off has led to some of that.

Tim Quarterman out of LSU however made a name for himself. After a very quiet first day where you didn't even notice he was on the court, Quarterman spent much of day two involving himself and playing to his strengths. He may have realized that in summer league it's best to take what you can get rather than waiting for opportunities to present themselves.

As the third quarter got going there was a change in the way Aaron Harrison started playing. He spent much less time playing without the ball and started putting it in his hands. Immediately it was like he reverted back to the player that had such a great performance in last year's summer league. He hit a 3-pointer, drew contact on an And-1, and hit his first four shots. His agressive play led to a strong stretch of play from the Hornets, and it quelled some of his earlier frustrations. Sometimes all you need is to see a shot or two go down.

In the fourth quarter things finally clicked for that Charlotte offense they had been trying to get going for the entire game. Players were familiar with each other, and passes were right on point of where they needed to be. Harrison returned to playing off ball, but DeShaun Thomas and Gabe York starting making their presence felt. With time running low York hit a 3-pointer in the corner to put Charlotte up 10 and seal the game away.

Gabe and Thomas once again showed that there's something to look at in them with York finishing with 18 points and Thomas getting 12. Aaron Harrison had a nice comeback in the second half, and Quarterman had a very noticeable first half.

The rest of the box score can be found here