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Ramon Sessions agrees to 2-year, $12.5 million deal with Charlotte Hornets

Ramon Sessions is back in Charlotte on a very cheap deal.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Ramon Sessions has made his return! The Charlotte Hornets will be signing Sessions to a 2-year $12.5 million dollar contract. This will be Sessions second time around in Charlotte.

Sessions is very much a typical backup point guard. He's spent the majority of his career bouncing around from team to team, and while he's been the starting guard in a few places, his main role has been to provide a scoring punch off the bench. The last time Sessions was in Charlotte he averaged 12-14 points a game but did so very inefficiently. He had to take on a much larger scoring role on poor-shooting teams, and eventually he was traded away at the trade deadline in the 2013-14 season.

However, a lot has changed in Charlotte since Sessions was last playing for the franchise. The team has improved dramatically, having their best season since the team's return last year, and a new offense that should allow Sessions more space to attack the basket. There are also more scoring options available for the ball to be distributed to which will take a lot of the scoring load off of Sessions.

This is a good get for the Hornets. Sessions was a quality backup guard his last trip around, and not much about him has changed since he was last in Charlotte. He's not the greatest 3-point shooter in the world, a career of 31 percent from deep, so the fit will be a little weird at times but he can penetrate inside which is exactly what the Hornets wants out of their guards. Even if the fit ends up being a disaster, the contract is so cheap that it won't do any damage to the Hornets at all. A very low risk, potential for high reward, type of deal.