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Charlotte Hornets trying to move Spencer Hawes for rim protector

The Charlotte Hornets are trying to use a trade to make more improvements to their roster.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets are trying to finish putting together the rest of their roster. After re-signing Nicolas Batum and Marvin Williams the Hornets immediately got to work filling holes on the roster, and creating depth at each position. Right now, the roster currently lacks a rim protecting big man and even though the Hornets made due without one last year it looks like they'd prefer to go into this season with one available. The bait for this type of move would be Spencer Hawes.

Hawes is currently under contract for another two years, and while he does provide a shooting touch that not many other bigs have the skill to do it's worth noting that rookie Frank Kaminsky was ahead of him in the rotation by season's end. He also struggles as a defender at times and is far from a good option for rim protection.

The players the Hornets appear to be going after are very traditional rim protectors albeit neither are on the young side. One of them is a former All-NBA Defender in Roy Hibbert. Back with the Pacers, Hibbert was a monster rim protector that could anchor an entire defense on his own and swallow up players that attacked the rim. He famously frustrated LeBron James into a seven game series and made everybody look into the NBA rule book and find out what verticality means. However, the modern game has left him very much behind with NBA offenses evolving and forcing a not so quick on his feet Hibbert to move around. One horrible stint with the Los Angeles Lakers later, and Hibbert has a lot to prove to NBA teams.

The other option is Zaza Pachulia. At 32 years old Pacuhila just isn't the big man he once was, and is very limited in what he can do. That said he's still one of the more solid rim protectors around, and the Dallas Mavericks defense was slightly better last year with Pachulia on the court than they were off of it. Pachulia also offers a lot of experience across the NBA with 13 years and six NBA teams under his belt. His intangibles alone make him someone worth looking at.