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Orlando Summer League Day 7: Charlotte Hornets 92 Dallas Mavericks 97

It's championship Friday! The Charlotte Hornets take on the Dallas Mavericks in the fifth place game.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Orlando Summer League has reached its end. The Charlotte Hornets won't be playing for the championship, but they still had a game championship Friday. A rematch against the Dallas Mavericks for fifth place. Tip off was nice and early at 8AM meaning we got ourselves a morning coffee special.

Despite the early start that didn't quell early game scoring. Both teams offenses got off to a hot start with some surprisingly good shooting. Vander Blue continued to be one of the better players on the floor as he led the Mavericks early on with his scoring. Meanwhile, Mike Tobey got off to an energetic start himself pulling down a couple boards, and dropping a very nice behind the back pass in transition. Charlotte finished the quarter with 27 points setting an early tone for the game.

The second quarter was a lot of the same with Charlotte scoring at a high level. The Mavericks tried to counter through use of double teams, but they had trouble with fouling ball handlers and the Hornets were able to keep the turnovers down unlike the two's previous meet up. Ramon Galloway had a huge first half with 19 points, but all of this was overshadowed by team and fan favorite John Brown entering the game. Everybody that attended summer league has heard John Brown all week. He's constantly yelling from the bench, and when he entered the game the entire Hornets bench got excited anytime he got close to scoring. The real MVP of Orlando Summer League is John Brown.

In the second half it was all Dallas with the Mavericks storming back. They took advantage of some defensive transition mishaps on the part of the Hornets, and their work on the boards made quick work on the Hornets lead. As for John Brown, the real MVP of summer league, he had yet to make a shot from the field which just wouldn't do. The Hornets had to take care of that priority before winning the game.

And take care of it they did! Right at the start of the fourth quarter, Brown drove into the lane and scooped in a layup! Mission accomplished. Now it was time to buckle down and win the game. However, they weren't' making it easy on themselves. The Mavs continued to beat them on key boards late in the game, and with guys like Vander Blue and Andre Dawkins able to create their own shot the Mavs inevitably took the lead. As Charlotte tried to match them with baskets of their own they were unable to slow down the Mavs offensive attack, and Marquis Teague carried them to the end.

And with that Orlando Summer League comes to a close. Standouts for the week Gabe York, Mike Tobey, and DeShaun Thomas didn't play very many minutes. Brandon Paul had a nice summer league himself and also was on the lower side in minutes. Aaron Harrison didn't play at all. Today was a day for some of the other guys to showcase their skills, and get some run, which is what they did. Now, we wait to see who gets that training camp call. Also be sure to remember some of these names when players are added to the D-League squad later int he summer.