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Monday Mourning Mailbag Ep. 2 - How do the Hornets stack up in the East?

This week we talk about new enemies, old friends, and D-League teams.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

How does Charlotte stack up against the East's new "super team", should an old comrade make a return to the Queen City, and just what does having a D-League team mean exactly?

In episode two of the Monday Mourning Mailbag we tackle the big issues. Okay, maybe there's not a ton going on in early August but nevertheless, every Monday we will be chatting about everything from how sad we are no one on this year's team has fun hair, to whether or not Michael Jordan could beat the latest newcomer in a game of 1-on-1.

So, as always, if you have a burning question you need answered, or just generally think all of us here are clueless and are in desperate need of your Hornets expertise, SEND US YOUR QUESTIONS. More specifically, send them to --



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