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TWC no more: Hornets arena to change name to Spectrum Center

For the first time since 2008, the Charlotte Hornets will be playing in an arena called something other than Time Warner Cable Arena.

Photo Charlotte LLC

This season was going to be one filled with many changes already, as the Hornets' roster underwent a major renovation over the offseason.

Now, their home is as well.

When the Hornets host their home opener on October 29 against the Boston Celtics, they will not be playing at Time Warner Cable Arena. Instead, the game will take place at the Spectrum Center.

The Charlotte Observer first reported the news early Wednesday morning and, in hindsight, it is one fans probably should have seen coming.

Last May, Charter bought Time Warner Cable for $55.1 billion and announced that they would be rebranding the digital component of the company as Spectrum. Since the Hornets played at Time Warner Cable Arena, it only makes sense that a name change would soon follow, and here we are.

The name Spectrum will replace all mentions of Time Warner Cable prior to the start of the 2016 season, but don't worry - the Observer reports that usually it is the sponsor who has to pay for such alternations, not the team.

The biggest question remaining for Hornets fans is what nickname to bestow upon the arena. Will it still be known as the 'Cable Box?' Is it time to simply call it 'the Hive?' Or is there a new nickname out there?