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Jeremy Lamb maturing as a player and a person

The Hornets wing spoke on what he learned last season and how those lessons are going to help him in the future.

Washington Wizards v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Jeremy Lamb’s biggest goal for this season is to stay on the floor, he said in a video on The Charlotte Hornets’ wing has been in the gym all summer building muscle and working on his game, but said the biggest improvements will come off the court. He said last season was an eye-opening experience for him.

Lamb referred to last year as his “first full season” in the NBA, and said he didn’t realize just how valuable sleeping well, eating right, and planning your workouts are to your game.

We’ve all had experiences like that. For me, it was my third year of college. I used to overthink things and spread myself thin. Eventually, things just clicked. Wake up, go to class, go home, study, sleep before midnight. If I have time to do anything else, cool, but I shouldn’t try to do more than I’m capable of.

For Lamb, that means all he really needs to do is build strength and stay positive. And that’s exactly what he’s doing.

"You know, I've been in Charlotte pretty much the whole (summer), trying to stay around the coaches and get their feedback,” Lamb said. “I've been working on my mindset and my physical strength so it's been a great summer."

His new approach should pay off during the season, especially as far as consistency goes. Consistency, as we well know, has not been Lamb’s forté in the past. Head coach Steve Clifford routinely yanked Lamb out of games last season for minor mistakes and not-so-great shooting from behind the arc. At times, Clifford even refused to play him.

No longer, Lamb said.

"The biggest goal for me is to fight for my minutes and have energy every night,” Lamb said. “If I do those things, I'll be able to be on the court.”

Let’s hope he sticks to his plan. Lamb signed a three-year, $21 million extension with the Hornets early last season. Initially it looked like the deal motivated him, but his play quickly tapered off and Clifford looked elsewhere for more consistent bench minutes.

Lamb averaged 8.8 points and 3.2 rebounds in 18.6 minutes per game last season while shooting 45.1 percent from the field and 30.9 percent from behind the arc.