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Hive Talk Live: Hornets history lesson + what if a Hornets' player sat during the anthem?

We dig through the annals of the Charlotte Hornets’ internet history. Some of it is super cool and some of it is super painful.

We dive into some fascinating Charlotte Hornets history by taking a look at their webpages throughout the years with the help of the Wayback Machine on We talk about how the site evolved and what trivia and retro facts we uncovered in our archeological dig through the 90's interwebs. Including:

  • The secret to Muggsy Bogues' health in the 90's
  • What former head coach Dave Cowens really thought about Larry Johnson
  • A group that could be called the forefathers of Bring Back the Buzz

PLUS! We react to the continued debate over San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s actions by thinking about our own hypothetical, what if a member of the Charlotte Hornets were to sit down during the anthem. Against our own better judgment, we share why we think a lot of the discussion around the topic is off the mark.

Use the gallery below as you listen along.

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