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Hive Talk Live: Rio Reactions and Preseason Thoughts

What’s going on with Nic Batum’s poor Olympic showing?


Team USA dominates while Nic Batum and the French National Team wilts. What's been most impressive about USA basketball's dominance and what Olympic sports have Doug and David been vibing on?


  • Charlotte Agenda Editor in Chief Andrew Dunn stops by the studio to kickoff our series "So...You're Visiting Charlotte for a Hornets Game." Find out his picks for to do if you have some time before the game tips off. Stay tuned all summer as we examine what you should eat, what you should do in-arena and what you should do after the game.
  • Roy Hibbert tells Tate Frazier and The Ringer’s NBA Show why he decided to come to Charlotte
  • The Hornets release their preseason schedule. Are there any interesting matchups?

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