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Charlotte Hornets odds in Vegas are shockingly low

The spread is out on the Charlotte Hornets and wow is that a low number.

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets season is upon us! Media day is moving in closer on a daily basis, and soon we’ll have training camp, then preseason, and then honest to goodness real basketball games! Just hang in there a little longer. Until then, we’ll just have to settle for projections and predictions. The Westgate Superbook in Las Vegas released their spreads for the NBA season this year, and there are some rather interesting numbers in there.

Yep, the Hornets have been given an over/under of 39.5 for this upcoming NBA season. Now, I’m not a betting man nor do I promote gambling of any kind, but if I were I’d go hit the over on that spread nice and hard. Cause 39.5 is ridiculously low for a team coming off a 48 win season.

The Hornets are going to be entering this NBA season with an incredible coach that has so far taken Charlotte to the playoff two out of the last three seasons, a large majority of the core group that won 48 games last season, and will be getting back their best defender in Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Now, Charlotte did take some hits with Courtney Lee, Al Jefferson, and Jeremy Lin all choosing to sign elsewhere in the offseason, but considering the return of MKG it seems insane to say this team is going to only reach 39-40 wins. That’s not even a .500 mark.

So, let’s try and figure out why Vegas has the Hornets taking as big a dip as they do. Well, if it’s because of the departure of Lee, Lin, and Jefferson that’s fair, but it doesn’t explain how a playoff team goes from 48 wins to 39. That’s too big a drop. Perhaps this has to do with Charlotte’s less than stellar injury luck with key players such as Kidd-Gilchrist. Right now, their key defender hasn’t proved that he can stay on the court and that likely makes Vegas very antsy. Last season was also uncharacteristically healthy for Nicolas Batum. Maybe, when they were projecting records they gave too many wins to the East, and had to knock off someone so they predicted an injury riddled season for Charlotte. However, if we’re going to be talking about injuries than let’s talk about the Washington Wizards being projected at 42.5.

Outside of a disaster of a season, the Hornets will easily reach 40 wins this season, and make this spread look foolish in the process. A team as solid and well coached as this one should not fall from 48 to 39 in one season. That just doesn’t happen.