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Kemba Walker on recent events in Charlotte: We are going to do "what we can do to help"

The Hornets' point guard was on NBA TV as a part of the team's media day festivities, and was asked about the recent events in Charlotte. Here's what he had to say

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Kemba Walker is arguably the face of the Charlotte Hornets franchise and, as such was making his rounds from local newspapers and radio stations to national television broadcasts on Monday as a part of the team's media day. This included an interview on NBA TV where, among topics like the return of Nicolas Batum and Marvin Williams, he was asked about the protests and events that have taken place in Charlotte over the past week.

Walker seemed as diplomatic as possible in his response, referring the team's work in the community and previous statement from owner Michael Jordan.

"As far me and my brothers in this organization, we're gonna try our best to just give to the community and do what we can do to help - especially the youth," Walker told NBA TV. "We definitely have things in the works, for us and the organization, to help, and we're gonna help.

"(Michael Jordan) has already put out some statements, and he said what he said, and we are definitely going to get out there and go do what we can do - just do our part."

For those that missed it, here are Jordan's comments on the situation. The team already announced earlier this month that they were planning on renovating three basketball courts in the Charlotte area. More such community betterment projects could be on the way.

Coach Steve Clifford also weighed in briefly on the events in Charlotte on Monday, echoing Walker's sentiment.