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2016-17 Player Preview: Ramon Sessions

What we can expect from a familiar backup point guard who’s just looking for a home. 

2015-16 SEASON STATS (w/ WAS): 9.9 PPG, 2.9 APG, 47.3 FG%, 32.4 3P%

Do not feel bad for NBA point guard / professional human hot potato Ramon Sessions.

Longevity is priority numero uno in the world of professional basketball, and everything else is gravy — or at least gravy-ish.

Yes, Sessions has been on seven different teams in nine seasons. Both the Milwaukee Bucks and Charlotte Hornets had him — then didn't — then had him again.

The man has been with so many organizations and so many iterations of said-organizations that you begin to wonder if his real value may be realized in some kind of hybrid player-scout role. All that time with all those teams must have Sessions teeming with intimate knowledge of preferred actions, go-to fakes, and favorite night clubs.

One thing is for sure, Ramon Sessions is an unquestionable captain of the All-Journeyman Team, and frankly a not horrible replacement (but nor and ideal one) for beloved blogosphere controversy, Jeremy Lin.

Like Lin, Sessions has good size for a point guard and attacks the basket with sincere aggression. Good things that any team would be lucky to have. Also, not a terrible compliment to vertical limitations of one starting point guard Kemba Walker, who finds himself getting tinier and tinier everyday with the influx of young, athletic, large-ass point guards (i.e.Emmanuel Mudiay, Deangelo Russell, etc.)

However, again similar to Lin, Sessions is not the portrait of a stud defender — nor is he a terribly effective outside shooter. In essence, Sessions brings what Lin has to the table, only less so. He is not the passer that Jeremy was, nor is he able to attack with the same pop, ease, and creativity that made Lin so effective in the throes of last seasons playoff push when he would take over stretches of ball handling and playmaking when Kemba and Nic were nowhere to be found. If the Hornets are looking at Sessions to replace this production, they are in trouble.

One thing we know about Steve Clifford is his affinity for players possessing both size and skill. After resigning Nic Batum and Marvin Williams (embodiments of these values), the team signed Sessions and former All-Star center, Roy Hibbert — two players whose size is perhaps the greatest attribute they possess at this point in their career. I for one silently rooted for the Hornets to sign Seth Curry, a clearly flawed backup point guard who was still available when the team decided to go with Sessions was signed. I felt the offensive flashes he had shown late in the season with the Sacramento Kings could be valuable to the Hornets, and oh sure, not to mention the man's pretty good relationship with the longest of long shot free agents the Hornets would love to sign once the whole Kevin Durant thing (hopefully?) goes up in flames.

But alas, the team went with a familiar face, and thus should expect familiar things. Sessions is a solid signing, and fans should welcome back his very real offensive gifts. However, last year Charlotte got more from the position than even they could've ever hoped for, and should very quickly reel in expectations or else prepare for yet another first round postseason exit.