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Monday Mourning Mailbag Ep.10: Shootings in Charlotte

How will the Hornets respond to what's been going on in their home city?

With the recent events going on in Charlotte will it have any effect on the team? That’s the big social/sports question we try to tackle in this week’s seven minute vidcast from a mid-tier apartment in Los Feliz, California.

Will these events encourage the Hornets to play for something larger than themselves, or will the timing and nature of what’s played out in recent days make the team take an approach not unlike their fearless(?) owner - “Republicans buy sneakers too.”

So, as always, if you have a burning question you need answered, a keen comment that needs discussing, or just generally think all of us here are clueless and in desperate need of your Hornets and/or basketball expertise:


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Twitter: @jbedrosian

See you next Monday!