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Locked on Hornets: Nic Batum won’t change his game and that’s a good thing

We’ve got more sound out of Hornets training camp and David tries to guess which 100% true fact matches which Hornets player

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Our Charlotte Hornets training camp spotlights roll on with starting two-guard Nicolas Batum who says just because he got paid does not mean he’ll be changing his style of play. Adi Joseph from Sporting News drops in to give us his thoughts on the deal that kept him in Charlotte, plus what he found most interesting from media days and camps around the NBA.


  • Zach Harper of CBS Sports REALLY down on the Hornets bench on Locked on NBA, we discuss.
  • It's time for #JustTheFacts, 100% true facts about Hornets players. Can David guess them all?
  • I think Doug makes a reference to Les Miserables.

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