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Hive Talk Live: Nicolas Batum’s impact on Kemba Walker’s efficiency with Nick Sciria

Plus the Hornets get set to unveil their newest state of the art Spectrum Center crown jewel.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Get ready to nerd out with me and Twitter advanced stats superhero Nick Sciria. He stops by to help us put some advanced stats into context as it relates to the Charlotte Hornets 2015-16 season. Specifically we discuss how Hornets guard Nicolas Batum helped Kemba Walker reach his efficiency potential and become the All-Star caliber guard the team needs.


  • Doug dives into Nick's graphical breakdown of how last year's roster stacked up to the NBA in various advanced stat categories including USG%, DREB% and TS%.
  • The Hornets are getting into the Charlotte Restaurant Week festivities find out how you can munch and help a good cause
  • Spectrum Center prepares to unveil its crown jewel, a state of the art new scoreboard.

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