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Bee-utiful: Hornets show off new video scoreboard

The Hornets showed off their new state-of-the-art scoreboards to the media today. They are as big (and gorgeous) as advertised.

Doug Branson

The Hornets' home is not just getting a name change, it is also getting a facelift - and boy does she look good.

The team debuted their new state-of-the-art video scoreboards today, and based on pictures, Hornets' fans are in for a treat.

For comparison's sake, here is what the old scoreboard looked like.

The new scoreboard is gigantic compared to the former one. The old scoreboard measured 16' by 24'. The new scoreboard includes separate baseline, sideline and two screens on its underbelly.

The sideline scoreboards are 2.5 times bigger than the old scoreboard, measuring in at 25.2' x 42.8' - the tallest in the NBA. The baseline scoreboards measure in 18' x 31.3', while the underbelly boards come in 9.8' x 16.5 - also the largest in the NBA.

The video boards are also 1080p HD, the highest-quality HD boards in the Association.

In addition to all of this, the arena now has two new auxiliary corner boards in the upper level of the arena, measuring in at 16' x 26', which (for those keeping track) is larger than the previous center scoreboard.

If you were curious what happened to the old scoreboard, do not fear - we have your answer.

The look of the scoreboard is very unique and will stand out in the NBA, something the team was aiming for when they began planning to upgrade it in January 2015. Pete Guelli, the Executive Vice President and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for the Hornets, said they took into account the fans' love of the team and the brand.

"We know our DNA," Guelli said. "We know what it looks like. We know what it feels like."

Guelli added that the team was also inspired from what they saw in other arenas, naming Madison Square Garden's renovations in particular in regards to the underbelly video boards. Taking all that into account, Guelli truly believes the Hornets now have the best scoreboard in the league.

"There are some that are slightly bigger, (but) there's none with better resolution and there's certainly none that have the kind of design integrity that ours has," Guelli said. "I know it is somewhat of a bold statement, but I really believe it. There's great boards out there - we've seen them. We've been the almost every arena, great visual presentations. But they don't reflect what the team is about and what the brand is about, and I really believe that's what separates ours from everyone else."

For those with keen eyes, you might have noticed that the honeycomb court is nowhere to be found in the pictures of the new scoreboard. Do not fear though - the court pictured is a backup court, and the final design will more than likely include the trademark honeycomb.

Pictures and video provided by Doug Branson

Walking in baseline plus the corner boards, which we were told are almost as big as the previous scoreboard screens.

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