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Introducing At The Hive’s “All-Star Anywhere” T-shirt

We felt like giving a shoutout to the city of Charlotte and its best player with a t-shirt.

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Charlotte was going to host the All-Star game, I swear.

Michael Jordan pushed for it, Adam Silver granted it, and all roads pointed to North Carolina reclaiming its place on professional basketball’s map of awesome professional basketball places. A fitting cherry atop the Hornets long-overdue return to the city that once sold out arena’s full of purple and teal.

And then a political spiraling of sorts left the city and the state divided and All-Star Game-less. Thus, leaving At The Hive no choice but to create the following masterpiece:

Behold the second-ever At The Hive t-shirt courtesy of Breaking T.

Proudly purchase one of these fine t-shirts to flaunt in the face of all those suckers who voted for the likes of absentees like Derrick Rose and Jeremy Lin (no offense, Jeremy) instead of voting for Kemba.

Charlotte deserves it. Kemba deserves it. And most importantly, YOU deserve it.

Make your purchase here!