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Kemba Walker didn’t want to be spoiled for the All-Star Game

Kemba Walker hates spoilers just like us!

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

With the All-Star game being announced this Thursday, many Charlotte Hornets fans put TNT on with a sense of excitement and nerves as they waited to see if Kemba Walker had made the team as a reserve. Fans were not the only ones on the edge of their seat as they waited for Walker’s name to be called among the rest of the East. Walker himself was completely unaware of what would happen until TNT said so.

Walker is just like us! He hates spoilers and enjoys the excitement of it all. This shouldn’t be surprising from the man that fans have nicknamed Kardiac for the countless times he’s come up in the clutch. It’s also pretty great that he wanted to just sit down, soak everything in, and enjoy every part of the process. He’s going to have a blast during the weekend itself.

Seeing Walker make the All-Star Game has to be exciting for Hornets fans even if it does happen in the year he was supposed to be playing the game in Charlotte, before the NBA stripped it away. Even so, Walker is Charlotte’s first All-Star since Gerald Wallace in 2009-2010. Before that, the Hornets last All-Star was Baron Davis in 2001-2002. The Hornets haven’t seen a whole lot of success since then and fans should be excited that they finally get to see a familiar face in the NBA’s weekend of fun. Let’s hope Kemba keeps up the dramatics a bit and puts on a show for the entire world to see in New Orleans.