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Purchase the Kemba “All-Star Anywhere” T-shirt

All proceeds go to supporting LGBTQ youth in the Charlotte area!

As a part of the At The Hive community please pat yourselves on the collective back for willing this into reality!

The first Hornets All-Star (second if you include Gerald Wallace and the Bobcats) is here in the form of 6’1’’ Kemba Walker, and we have a shirt to commemorate the occasion.

Behold the second-ever At The Hive shirt courtesy of Breaking T!

In spite of the All-Star game leaving Charlotte, the city will in fact have something to cheer about. Walker has had a fantastic season, shooting over 40% both from the field and from beyond the arc for the first time in his career. He’s averaging a career high at over 23 points a contest and continues to be the heart and soul of the team, with late-game charges, fist pumps, and even (ill-timed) shimmies.

All proceeds At The Hive makes from t-shirt sales will be donated to Time Out Youth, an organization dedicated to helping LGBTQ youth in the Charlotte area.

Watch the All-Star game in style this year.

Purchase one here!