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Julyan Stone out 4-6 weeks, Marcus Paige with Hornets in Milwaukee

The Hornets have no depth whatsoever at point guard. Color us worried but hopeful that Paige works out in the interim.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

As per tradition, the Charlotte Hornets have been hit hard by injuries this season. Julyan Stone, the Hornets’ third-string point guard, suffered an injury to his left hamstring and depleted the Hornets’ depth in the process. That’s no fault of his, but it’s a reality we must deal with.

Stone wasn’t expected to play much this season—he was the backup point guard’s backup, insurance in case something went horribly wrong. And horribly wrong things have gone.

So wrong, in fact, that the Hornets called Marcus Paige up to Milwaukee for tonight’s game against the Bucks. Paige signed a two-way deal with the Hornets over the summer that placed him with the Greensboro Swarm but allowed the Hornets to call him up whenever they want.

This isn’t really a want. It’s a need. Without Stone and MCW, the Hornets have no one to back up Kemba Walker. The alternatives to Paige are playing Walker 48 minutes per game or throwing rookie Malik Monk a dozen minutes per game at point guard. Neither of these options are ideal, obviously.

According to Rich Cho via Rick Bonnell, the Hornets plan to ride out this wave of injuries and reevaluate where they’re at when everyone’s healthy. While that might worry some fans, it’s probably the best route for the team right now.

Get well soon, Julyan. We’ll miss you more than you know.