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Raptors rout Hornets, 129-111

Jeremy Lamb’s 32 points not enough as Charlotte falls to Toronto.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

As the first half of this game concluded I arose from the comfort of my couch to finally begin preparing dinner. As I stood in my kitchen, cutting raw chicken, I had high hopes that the Hornets would, at some point in this game, shave the then 16 point deficit, take the lead and maybe, just maybe! Actually win the game.

It is now the end of the third quarter and I have completely turned my attention to writing this post game recap instead of watching the remainder of the game because this thing is over.

The Hornets look like they don’t belong in this game. Most of the players have completely given up at this point in the game. Serge Ibaka has channeled his 2014 form. Demar DeRozan was unstoppable, inside and behind the arc, and rookie OG Anunoby...I thought the guy couldn’t shoot. 6-7 from three? I have no words, I don't even know.

There is now five minutes left in this game. Hornets are down 120-97. Jeremy Lamb is still the only one on the team actually playing. He had a career high 32 points, good for him, thats pretty gnarly. There was a point in the third quarter where he had all of Hornets first 14 points. I truly thought he was the only one on the court. I caught myself yelling at the TV to sub the rest of the team in and then I realized, they were right there the entire time. Wow.

What’s also crazy is that Malik Monk got some action tonight. He was selected 12 picks ahead of Anunoby. Maybe the staff was watching Anunoby give us buckets and thought, “Wait. That’s what we drafted our guy for.” and actually put him in the game. He ended with 8 points and 4 assists in 14 minutes.

However outside of Lamb and Monk, the entire bench was pretty terrible. That’s pretty much that.

We also need to have a discussion about Nicolas Batum. He took and missed 1 shot. Rest of the stat line was: 0 points, 5 assists, and 2 rebounds in 26 minutes. Twitter let me know how upset they were. However, this isn’t the place for that full discussion. There will be an article for that soon. I'm quite sure.

The game just finished. Final score, Raptors 129-111. Lamb lead all scorers, Kemba Walker and Dwight Howard each with 15 points.

Til next time!