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Video: Baron Davis discusses time with Hornets on “Desus and Mero”

Davis spoke about playing in Charlotte early in his career, and the time he mistakenly thought a Hornets teammate had just four toes.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Former Charlotte Hornets guard Baron Davis is one of more memorable players in team history, despite playing just three seasons in Charlotte. Selected 3rd overall by the Hornets in 1999, Davis made the All-Star once in his third season with the team, and made the playoffs all three seasons.

These days, Davis is out of the NBA but will return to the court this summer having signed up to play in the BIG3. He discussed that and a lot more during a guest appearance on Viceland’s late night talk show, “Desus and Mero.” Davis spent time discussing the BIG3, his Black Santa cartoon character, and a lot more. When they got on the subject of favorite moments of his career, Davis spoke positively of his time in Charlotte and how his teammates helped shape him:

“I was on a team with Derrick Coleman, Anthony Mason, so I came on a team with like some real tough dudes. So I always say I was raised by wolves.”

Davis also told a story about the time he entered Charlotte’s training room and mistakenly thought a teammate had just four toes:

“I walked in the locker room and he was getting his ankles tapped. I was like…’Damn, I didn’t know you was playing with four toes! You’re amazing dawg, how do you balance like that?”

In reality, the missing toe had conformed underneath another toe; the result of years of wear from having his toes slam into his shoes from stopping often during games. The player, according to Davis, was not pleased with him.

I recommend checking out the full interview, which is full of laughs (and a bit of language, so NSFW for those of you at work).