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(A Belated) Monday Mourning Mailbag Ep.25: All-Star Carryover

Taking positivity where you can find it

NBA: All Star Game-Eastern at Western Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Kaminsky and Kemba Walker represented the Hornets in the All Star game this past weekend.

And they represented the team well.

That’s right, two players of the Charlotte Hornets basketball squad came out to a basketball court and played in a way that suggested more than a modicum of skill, energy, and joy. Frank Kaminsky scored the most points he ever has since who-knows-when, while Kemba Walker made an appearance in both the actual All-Star game as well as a solid showing in the three point contest. The fact that Kemba Walker is even in the three point contest should be a huge deal to Hornets fans that watched this guy’s field goal percentage float around the low 40’s for the majority of his career.

It was refreshing to see two Hornets doing positive things after the most recent string of terrible play. Charlotte finds themselves potentially out of playoff contention after a dreadful February, and must use the All-Star break to re-energize and reload.

Of course, it wasn’t Kemba or Frank’s play that was all that inspiring. These games as all viewers know, are defenseless affairs, with players playing with the same defensive principles that you might see at your local YMCA. However, the symbolism of the those two stands out. For a franchise so bereft of starts to have representation. For an iffy-lottery pick to stand out amongst his peers. It suggests that perhaps the Hornets haven’t let their tough luck affect their spirits. That perhaps a post-All-Star break run is due, and we will once again see the team that started this season so dang hot — the team that we all were marking down for home court come playoff time.

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