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Monday Mourning Mailbag Ep. 23: Trade!

What does this trade mean, if anything, for the Hornets?

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll just go ahead and say I’m pretty sure I got his name wrong.

Marshall, Miles, Maureen — there are two many Plumlees, and frankly not enough of them are good enough at professional basketball to merit the remembering of first names.

And yet the Hornets decided to trade for one getting paid over $12 million a year. However, Cho has always been good when it comes to talent on the fringes, so how should the Charlotte faithful feel about this exactly? Watch and (maybe) find out.

So as always, if you have a burning question you need answered, a keen comment that needs discussing, or just generally think all of us here are clueless and in desperate need of your Hornets and/or basketball expertise...

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