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We need to talk, Frank

Frank. Big Guy. We need to have a little meeting. Go ahead and close the door there for me...

Frank, have a seat buddy. I asked HR to sit in on this meeting because we’re going to have a kind of performance review. You’re not in trouble, ok? We just want to go over a few things that concerned us in last night’s game.

Let me start of by just asking you a question. We’re a little over half way through your second season. In your opinion, how do you feel you’re progressing?


Okay. Yeah, so we’re seeing some reports that suggest otherwise:

Look, we’re just trying to figure out whats going on okay? Here lets watch a little film from last night-

So let’s jump to 0:34, thats a good attempt at a closeout, but it seems like you forgot that the guy might drive on you. Sometimes they are going to drive on a closeout like that. Are your ankles ok?

Alright lets keep going. At 1:00 you attempt a little “Dream Shake” into an off balance 3 foot bunny that goes off glass>off front rim. First of all, we love the move. We’re all big fans of Hakeem around here...

...ahem, uh.. MOST of us are big fans of Hakeem around here. Anyway the point is, the move is great, but it really means nothing if you don't hit the shot there.

You see, you know how to *take* the shot, you just don't know how to *make* the shot. And that's really the most important part of the shot: the making. Anybody can just take them.

Alright, so at 1:05 we have a pair of back to back examples of Brook Lopez breaking you down off the dribble. Listen, no one is expecting you to be Tony Allen out here, but we gotta do a better job on 7 footers taking you from 22 feet out. Brook Lopez isn't exactly Kyrie out here.

1:17 - Whoa! Nice blow-by!

1:20 -

1:24 - Thats not a pick...

1:26 - Okay you just bounced the ball off of your own body and then out of bounds

1:40 - ....





(Huge thanks to @HornetsGIFs for pretty much everything in here. If you’re not following him on Twitter what are you even doing?! Come on, get it together!)