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Dell Curry eyeing comeback in attempt to remain Hornets leading scorer

The Hornets great seeks to protect his legacy from Kemba Walker

Stating that he’s “still got it,” and that “shooter’s never lose their touch,” Charlotte Hornets legend and current analyst Dell Curry announced in a postgame broadcast Friday night that he is “quite seriously” eyeing a comeback to the NBA and the Hornet’s for the 2017-18 season.*

The surprising comments came on the heels of Friday night’s game between the Hornets and the Denver Nuggets. Early in the first quarter, Kemba Walker recorded his 8,000th career point for the franchise, joining Curry as the only players in team history to pass that milestone.

During the postgame broadcast, Hornets analyst Stephanie Ready ribbed Curry, saying “you better enjoy being in first place while you still can, because Kemba’s coming for you!”

The whole broadcast team shared a laugh, but the light-hearted moment quickly turned uncomfortable, as a clearly ruffled Curry sat with a clearly annoyed look stating, “Nah.. that’s not funny. This is MY city, you hear me?? I’m Mr. Hornets!”

“Yeah, it was super awkward,” said Ready. “He kept saying that everyone knows he’s ‘Mr. Hornets’ but seriously, no one has ever called him that.”

The 1994 NBA Sixth Man of the Year then went on to state that he had already engaged in talks with the team about returning to protect his status as the franchise’s all time leading scorer, adding that head coach Steve Clifford loved the idea.

“Oh geez, is he still going on about that?” Clifford said in the postgame conference. “Yeah, he mentioned it to me a couple of weeks ago, I was like ‘yeah Dell, ha ha ha we should totally do that,’ I mean, obviously I thought he was joking.”

The broadcast only got more bizarre from there, as Curry repeatedly playing his “highlight reel;” a clip of himself hitting a deep three pointer while wearing a suit that happened during pregame warm-ups while shooting with his oldest son, Steph, when the Hornets visited the Golden State Warriors earlier in the season.

The elder Curry went as far as issuing a press release announcing his intentions via a bizarre, full page ad in the Charlotte Observer that featured a picture of the shooting specialist— who was not known for his “above the rim” play— dunking the ball; as well as other weird touches like an unseasonable Christmas-themed border and comic sans font.

“The throwback trend is really big with the kids right now,” Curry said in a statement to the press, “and I’ve never been more popular... you go to any arena in the country and you’ll see kids wearing #30 Curry jerseys. Oddly, most of them are Warriors jerseys, which I think is because these kids are too young to remember that I played for the Hornets. That’s why I’ve got to make a comeback!”

*The staff at At the Hive would like to point out that none of this is true, and that it is April 1st, but that Dell Curry is the Hornet’s G.O.A.T. and we would absolutely love for this to actually happen.