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Hornets pick up option on Rich Cho for next season

This is an interesting decision considering many Hornets fans were upset with the team’s disappointing season.

Rich Cho

The Charlotte Hornets picked up the team option on general manager Rich Cho’s contract Monday afternoon, granting him another year to reengineer the team in an attempt to realize his vision for it.

This is an interesting move by the board (though disproportionately Michael Jordan, in all likelihood) considering the team’s fate this season. It was a clear step back for the Hornets in spite of the injuries and that brutal road trip just after the New Year.

After finishing with a 48-34 record last year and clinching yet another playoff berth, the Hornets have fallen all the way to 11th in the Eastern Conference this season.

However, Cho is unquestionably the best GM in the current Bobcats-Hornets era. He’s made a few questionable moves, like this season’s Miles Plumlee deal. But overall he's been decent considering the team’s past.

There is no doubt that the Hornets have the general manager they want in Rich Cho. Many fans may not like him, but he’s completely rebuilt the team in a short period of time and seems to have a vision he simply hasn't been lucky enough to realize.

Let’s hope things go well next season. If not, the Hornets might have to reconsider whether Rich Cho is the guy they want to stick it out with.