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2016-17 Season Review: Briante Weber

Looking back on this season, did Briante Weber acheive his goals?

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a very wild season for backup guard Briante Weber. Earlier this year, he signed two 10-day contracts with the Hornets, one being on February 27, the other on March 9. In the five games in which he was playing under a 10-day contract, he averaged 3.6 points, 1.6 rebounds, and 1.2 assists. Lets analyze the rest of his season.

Weber improved his shot from last year, when he played with Memphis and Miami, from 35.9% to 41.7%. Weber played a solid bench role in his short tenure in Charlotte. He averaged 12.2 minutes played per game, which is not bad, considering his current role on the team. He split minutes with Jeremy Lamb, Marco Belinelli, and Brian Roberts.

His best performance this year came on March 15th against Indiana, when Weber played 20 minutes, totaled eight points, one assist, and five rebounds.

Did Weber do what was expected of him? Yes. He proved that he could be a reliable, backup point-guard, and that is why Charlotte rewarded him with a multi-year contract in mid-March.

Did Weber improve from last season, when he played for Memphis and Miami? Yes, he did. This year, he appeared in 20 games, 13 of which were for Charlotte. He did not start a single game this year, though. Last year, he only saw action in seven games, with four starts.

He did not improve his points, rebounds, or assists per game. This is probably due to the fact that Charlotte choose not to start Weber. Memphis, in 2015, choose to start him four times. However, if you look at his shooting percentage, it clearly improved. Last season, he shot 41% inside the 3-point line. However this year, his percentage inside the 3-point line was 48%. However, not everything has improved. His free-throw percentage has taken a dent from 75% to 68%.

The Hornets see potential in Weber. He had a solid season, will have a chance to make the team next season (his contract is non-guaranteed next season). If he impresses in summer league and preseason, he could have a role next season.

In conclusion, Weber improved. It may not have been a major improvement, but he has done what was expected of him. He has done his job, coming off of the bench, and spreading the ball around, fulfilling his position.