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Monday Mourning Mailbag ep. 31: Still alive

It’s coming down to the wire.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Hornets are still in this thing.

Somehow, the team has managed to pull of three straight victories en route to being just one game behind the eighth seeded Miami Heat.

A week ago I thought this team was done. Two weeks ago I thought they were done. Hell, the whole season other than the first month or two has felt like a sad regression to the basketball mean for players and a team that showed so much promise at the end of last year, and a simple failure to deliver for this one. The team still intact and under perenially good coach Steve Clifford, no one has been able to figure out just what in the world is wrong with a team that should have gotten better, but instead is inexplicably worse.

And now, things could be changing. Perhaps it’s just a blip on the radar of a sinking basketball ship, but the Hornets are actually in it for the eighth seed. Does that mean they should go for it in lieu of maximizing draft position?

I don’t know. Probably not.

But it’s difficult to root against a team — a largely unsuccessful team — when they have a glimmer of hope to experience a modicum of success. It’s so antithetical to the idea of what it is to be a sports fan (This is also where most Hornets fans say, “And they’ll just f*$% up the pick anyway”, which is not entirely incorrect).

It’s be a long, arduous season of Charlotte basketball, and I say we have a little fun rooting for something. Let’s see if Charlotte can make the playoffs for the second straight year and win a game or two. I’m not so cynical to be above good ol’-fashioned winning, though I’m sure we’ll all have a change of heart once draft day come around. In the mean time, I’ll be rooting for wins.

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