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The Charlotte Hornets will pick 11th in the 2017 NBA Draft

It went exactly as we expected.

NBA: NBA Draft Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

While there were surprises and a bit of drama in this year’s NBA Draft Lottery, none of it came for the Charlotte Hornets. They will pick 11th in the 2017 NBA Draft. Ho hum.

The good news is that this draft is potentially one of the deepest in years, but let’s be honest: 11th isn’t really the best place to be.

Good players will still be available, but the Hornets need more than a complimentary piece to take a major step forward. That said, recent history has shown that star-caliber players can be found outside the top 10. Good fortune didn’t fall to Charlotte tonight, but maybe it will on draft night.

We’ll have more on the upcoming draft soon. For now, speculate away as to who the Hornets will end up doing with the pick.

For fun, here are recent players taken 11th:

2016: Domantas Sabonis

2015: Myles Turner

2014: Doug McDermott

Be optimistic! Where’s the fun in being negative?

For those interested, the Boston Celtics managed to nab the first overall pick, with the Los Angeles Lakers selecting second and the Philadelphia 76ers selecting third. Is it just me or do the most storied franchises in history tend to have the best luck?

You can read more about the results of the lottery here.

What do you think the Hornets should do with their pick?