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Hornets will host their fifth NBA draft workout today

Melo Trimble, a few ACC players, and a 7’4 center from France are among the participants

Xavier v Maryland Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

As the NBA draft draws ever closer, the Charlotte Hornets will host their fifth draft workout today:

Andddd the full list:

  • Jamel Artis - Pittsburgh
  • Sidy Djitte - Clemson
  • Youssoupha Fall - Poitiers Basket 86 (France)
  • Xavier Rathan-Mayes - Florida State
  • Melo Trimble - Maryland
  • Elijah Wilson - Coastal Carolina

After a two previous workouts featuring at least one potential lottery prospect, today’s group features players who could sneak into the second round. Three of the six prospects played in the ACC last season (I almost said four, but Maryland left, which still doesn’t feel right).

If there’s one to keep an eye, even just for curiosity’s sake, its Fall, who stands nearly 7’4’’, and comes with a standing reach of 9’9’’ (so he’s touching the rim when he stands on his toes). According to the Hornets, Fall was on loan last season with Poitiers, and is owned by Le Mans Sarthe Basket, who Nicolas Batum played for way back in the day. Is he incredibly raw? Yes. But when you’re 7’4’’, you’re bound to attract interest.

Anyways, share your thoughts in the comments, and keep an eye out for more planned workouts.