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Hornets working out Kennard, Jackson, and Adebayo on Sunday

We’re less than a week from draft night and the Hornets are working out another bunch of prospects. Here’s who’s coming in.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Duke Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets announced Saturday that they will be working out another group of prospects on Sunday, including Duke’s Luke Kennard.

If for some reason the video in the embed doesn’t play or if flashing images can trigger seizures for you, here’s who’s stopping by in the Queen City tomorrow:

  • Luke Kennard, Duke
  • Justin Jackson, UNC
  • Bam Adebayo, Kentucky
  • Rodney Purvis, UCONN
  • Tim Kempton Jr., Lehigh
  • Troy Caupain, Cincinnati

So we’ve got three close-to-home guys in Kennard, Jackson, and Adebayo (who grew up in North Carolina), and the son of a former Hornet in Kempton Jr. The senior Kempton had a small role on the Hornets’ very first team back in the eighties.

Kennard, Jackson, and Adebayo are projected to be selected in the first round, while Purvis, Kempton Jr. and Caupain are projected to go undrafted or be selected late in the second round.

For the record, I can’t see the Hornets picking Adebayo unless he absolutely blows them away. He’s still 19 and the Hornets want a more polished player. Kennard and Jackson are both good options, however.

Check back tomorrow for more NBA draft coverage.