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Video: The Dwight Howard Trade

Here’s how the deal for Dwight went down, according to Steve Bob Forrest.

Atlanta Hawks v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Hornets have been making safe, conservative moves to tweak the roster in the least exciting ways possible for what seems like an eternity. Every summer we’d watch as the front office shuffled the deck of “Forgettable-Bench-Guy X”, “low-risk-low-reward-veteran Y”, and of course the perennial fan favorite, “Ambiguous-Cash-Considerations-from-Selling-2nd-Round-Pick Z.” Cumulatively tempering expectations for the fanbase with one, clear message: “We are going to try and maybe get close to making the playoffs, y'all!”

Ten days ago, many of us had resigned ourselves to the inevitability of another disappointing offseason. In three days we would draft Luke Kennard, or Zach Collins, or trade the pick entirely for Arron Afflalo or some other cagey veteran 8th-man so that we could further push our chips into the “win now-ish” trash compactor.

Same old, same old.

A lot has changed in the last ten days. Rich Cho, possibly peaking on a euphoric high of half a sugar free 5 hour energy, decided to take some damn swings with the bat.

On June 20th, the front office executed one of the biggest blockbuster trades in franchise history, picking up much-maligned, erstwhile superstar Dwight Howard while moving up ten spots in the second round and, oh yeah- unloading quite possibly the single worst contract in the NBA in the process.

Two days later, Charlotte addressed their embarrassing lack of scoring in the draft when they landed Malik Monk (The Human Torch™) and not only kept their second round pick (ok, sure technically after trading it...twice) and used it on a promising wing with a proclivity for, get this— scoring basketball points.

But it all started with the Dwight trade that truly came out of nowhere. The ensuing offseason chaos that has enveloped the league since then left the details of how this deal came to fruition I the first place in the dust.

In lieu of doing the actual legwork of investigative reporting, I took it upon myself to make a dramatic reenactment of how the whole thing went down:

Here's how the Hawks and Hornets came to trade Dwight Howard

Steve Bob Forrest with the scoop on how the Dwight Howard deal went down

Posted by At the Hive on Thursday, June 22, 2017