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Video: Rich Cho wins the NBA Summer League Ping-Pong tournament

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Watch as Cho defeats his opponents as badly as Kemba makes defenders slip.

Kent Smith/Getty Images

Rich Cho isn’t the most public of NBA general managers. Aside from running a highly underrated food blog on Instagram, he doesn’t offer a lot about himself for public consumption.

But one thing we have learned over the years is that Cho is really good at ping-pong. Information is scarce, but every summer, Cho heads to Las Vegas during summer league to compete in a charity ping-pong tournament, and often dominates competition that consists of other NBA executives, coaches, and players, and media.

In 2013, he won the tournament:

He was unable to defend his title in 2014, but continued to compete each summer. We even caught a picture of him competing in 2015:

Despite knowing for years how good Cho supposedly is, we’ve never had footage of him in action. Well finally, after so many years, we do, and yeah, he lives up to the hype. sends his opponent sprawling in the NBA Summer League ping pong tournament.

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This is filthy. Like, they should’ve ended the game after this. This is worse than any Kemba Walker crossover. No respectful opponent should continue playing after being sent diving after a shot.

Following the above match, Cho then defeated ESPN producer Howard Chen in the semi-final match:

Again, there’s a lot of effort coming from one side of the table, but it ain’t on Cho’s. Credit to Chen for the Matthew Dellavedova effort here, but Cho is unfazed. I’m fairly positive he wasn’t even sweating.

Unfortunately, I could not find video of the championship match, but according to this post from Chen, Cho went on to win, which gives him his second championship (at least to our knowledge). If video surfaces of the win, I’ll be sure to add it in.

UPDATE: Jared Zwerling tweeted this photo of Cho competing in the championship round:

As Zwerling states, the tournament raised $20,000 for St. Judes.

While the Charlotte Hornets didn’t participate in the Vegas Summer League, at least Cho was here to represent the team well. With two titles in five years, it isn’t quite a dynasty just yet, but he’s certainly making a case for being one of the greatest ping pong players in NBA history.