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Hornets unveil Jordan Brand uniforms

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The team showcased two of this season’s designs, which include the Jordan Brand logo and subtle changes to the team’s teal, or “icon” edition uniform.

The Charlotte Hornets unveiled two of the new Jordan Brand uniforms Monday, showcasing the team’s white and teal jerseys:

UPDATE: Here is the video unveiling:

The uniforms at first glance, look largely the same from last season’s white and teal color schemes, but a closer look reveals subtle differences. Obviously, the addition of the Jordan Brand logo is new and unique to the Hornets (they’ll be the only team with it, while the rest of the league will have the Nike logo). But the new teal uniform displays “Hornets” instead of “Charlotte” and is now considered a primary color, replacing the purple from last season. With the league going away from designated “home” and “away” uniforms, these two are officially called the “association” and “icon” jerseys.

This doesn’t mean the purple is being replaced altogether, however. WFNZ’s Chris Kroeger reports the Hornets could have as many as five different uniforms this season:

More than likely, we will see the purple and black “Buzz City” uniforms from last season, with the fifth being a new color scheme that has been speculated as a throwback to the classic pinstripe jerseys the original Hornets wore. It is important to note, however, that the team mentions “four core uniforms” developed by Nike on the official website, so take that for what it’s worth. The other color schemes will be reveled later.

So while today didn’t offer anything drastically different, the uniforms are a peak of what is to come. As always, share your thoughts in the comments below: