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Hornets GM Rich Cho joins Locked on Hornets for a game of “Prospect or Food”

Can he scout food as well as he scouts ball?

Slavica...Boendeggi...Kulboka...are these international foods OR international prospects?

If anyone would know it would be Charlotte Hornets General Manager Rich Cho. He not only scouts for hot NBA prospects but also hot plates for his new food rating website The idea evolved from Rich’s instagram page which became well known in NBA circles for featuring delicious dishes from his travels around the country. This isn’t just a place to show off Cho’s own culinary treasures. Big Time Bites wants to be the “arena for food scouts” and encourages users to submit their own pictures, rate them and help build a trove of tasty treats that spans the globe.

He stopped by the studios to chat with the Locked on Hornets podcast about the site, the Hornets offseason and his life as a general manager. Hosts Doug Branson and David Walker put Rich’s food and basketball knowledge to the test in a game called Prospect or Food. Find out how you stack up to Rich Cho. Warning: Cho Knows

Listen to the full interview below. We discuss drafting Malik Monk, adding Dwight Howard and what he was thinking in 2012 when Charlotte lost out on a shot at Anthony Davis. For all the latest news and analysis on your Charlotte Hornets subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play.