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NBA 2k18 releases Hornets all-time roster, and its missing an important player

The roster, featuring 15 current and former players, will be apart of this year’s release. It’s missing a pretty significant name.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Charlotte Bobcats Photo By Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The NBA 2K series has been running for 18 years now, an amazing feat that makes me feel old (but shoutout to the black 2K Sports Dreamcast that came with the original NBA 2K and the equally good, but short lived NFL 2K). One of the many new features of 2K18 is the addition of All-Team rosters featuring the 15 best players from the history of each team, which of course means a team for the Charlotte Hornets. So who made it? Well, here you go:

The starters

  • Kemba Walker
  • Eddie Jones
  • Glen Rice
  • Larry Johnson
  • Alonzo Mourning

The reserves

  • Muggsy Bogues
  • Baron Davis
  • Raymond Felton (seriously)
  • Dell Curry
  • Kendall Gill
  • Stephen Jackson
  • P.J. Brown
  • Kenny Gattison
  • Al Jefferson
  • Derrick Coleman

First off, Gerald Wallace didn’t die on the court for the sins of Bob Johnson to be left off the roster. As good as Stephen Jackson was during his season and a half in Charlotte, Crash made the All-Star team their first season together, not Stack Jax. For a few seasons, Wallace was literally the only thing worth rooting for if you exclude a meteor crashing into Time Warner Cable Arena to put the team and all of us out of our misery. Leaving him off is reason to trash this list altogether, and I’d love to drive that point in further, but we need to move on and complain about something else.

Like, for instance, that Raymond Felton made it. It doesn’t make sense, but then it does, because what other point guard could replace him? Brevin Knight? Ehhh. DJ Augustin? He hated every second he played for them. Jeremy Lin? Absolutely not...well actually there’s a solid case since I’d argue he made a bigger impact in one season than Felton did in five...but I digress. Felton’s inclusion speaks more to the thin crop of good point guards that have played for Charlotte than anything else. He’s the reluctant pick that makes it by pure longevity alone.

The rest of the list is fairly spot on, but there’s a case to swap Dell Curry and Eddie Jones since Dell is one of the team’s longest serving players and holds the record for most points in franchise history. Sure, Jones was the better player, but Curry’s legacy is bigger.

I’ll admit my knowledge of the early Hornets rosters isn’t as solid as others, being that I didn’t follow the team or the NBA until the Bobcats arrived. But Rick Bonnell makes some solid points regarding some of the reserves, specifically, why Coleman made it over Vlade Divac, and why Jamal Mashburn or Derrick Mason didn’t make it (he also asks why no Marvin Williams, but I’m not sold on Marvin making it).

In any case, the list is about 80-85 percent right, unless it isn’t, and you want to tell me why. Because that’s what’s fun about these types of things, they’re meant to start debate for better or worse.

For instance, Walker is the only current player on the roster. Could a case be made for any others? Maybe Nicolas Batum? Maybe Cody Zeller? I can see you shaking your heads.

Anyways, the list is out, but there’s a chance if we get mad online enough they will add Gerald Wallace before the game comes out.