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The Hornets have interest in signing Julyan Stone, but the situation is complicated

Stone is under contract in Italy, but wants to return to the NBA to be closer to his ailing father. His club team, however, is blocking the move.

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Julyan Stone is a 28 year old point guard who has bounced between the United States and Europe in his professional career, with stints in the NBA, G-League, Turkey, and Italy. The Charlotte Hornets want to sign him, but his club team Reyer Venezia won’t let him out of his contract, which doesn’t include an opt-out clause.

But Stone’s situation isn’t just about a return to the NBA. According to a post on his Instagram, his father is battling serious health issues. Stone wants to return to the United States to be closer to him, and to better pay for his treatment.

When Stone brought the situation to Reyer’s attention, they ignored or downplayed it. From his Instagram post:

“After immediately contacting Venice about the situation that I and my family now find ourselves in, they began to not only ignore my calls, emails and whatapps. They also ignored those from my agent, my mother, and the hospital as well. What is bothersome to me is the lack of respect and dignity they have shown my family and I. They have downplayed the severity of my father's health and made it more about basketball”

For context, Stone shared a photo of his father on Instagram, detailing the uphill battle he is going through:

The situation is unfortunate. Legally, Reyer can keep him under contract, but the circumstances make it easy to understand Stone’s argument. What’s hard to understand is why the club is downplaying his father’s health and ignoring his requests. A buyout is typically brought to the table when a player wants to move on or is drafted, but from what’s known, that hasn’t been brought up.

It’s unclear where this goes from here. Unless Stone’s club decides to negotiate a buyout or release him from his contract, he won’t be able to sign with Charlotte. The Hornets meanwhile, can only wait so long before looking elsewhere for a 3rd point guard. Whatever happens, hopefully a resolution is found that allows Stone to better pay for his father’s treatment.